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Content Creator Studio Membership

  • Includes 15 productions (20 minutes per production, 3 productions per visit)

  • Filming location: 6832 Embarcadero Lane Carlsbad 92011

Welcome to your "Content Creator Production Studio Membership," where you have exclusive access to a range of capabilities designed to elevate your business’ marketing efforts to an elite level. We are excited to embark on this journey with you as we strive together to take your business to new heights.


As you are aware, our collaboration will involve curating custom videos that will not only be distributed across all your social media platforms, e-newsletters, website, email footer, listing presentations, and more but will also be aired as television commercials, ensuring a minimum of 15 weeks of exposure.


The purpose of this form is to kickstart the creative process and provide us with insights to set the direction of your productions. By completing this brief form, you will help us understand your vision and preferences. We will then take the reins, either reaching out with further questions or presenting pre-produced segments for your review and feedback.


We are committed to delivering exceptional results and look forward to working closely with you on this exciting endeavor.

**NOTE: Below, you'll find 15 spaces where you can specify the topic for the video you would like to create. Additionally, there are 3 bullet points provided for you to include supporting elements or reasons why you'd like that particular topic covered. You're not restricted to just three reasons, so please feel free to list as many you deem necessary for us to understand the importance of the video. This approach will enable us to tailor a custom video presentation for you, where you will then have the ability to make any necessary adjustments or modifications, as needed. We look forward to collaborating with you to bring your vision to life.**

Currenty using the following :


OUR COMPLETE MENU OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES (Do you currently need any of the following)

Thanks for submitting!

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